William P. Vestevich, Esq.
William P. Vestevich, the president and founder of Vestevich & Associates, P.C., has been representing mortgage and finance companies in their licensing matters since 1992. Prior to limiting his practice to mortgage and finance licensing, Mr. Vestevich had extensively handled real estate, corporate, and business law matters for his clients.

Because licensing matters always involve business and corporate law issues, as well as pure business strategy issues, Mr. Vestevich regularly counsels clients on how these other matters affect mortgage and finance licensing. From his experience in handling thousands of licensing matters for clients throughout the country, Mr. Vestevich is able to provide valuable insight into the licensing process, regulatory agencies, and overall licensing strategy.

Mr. Vestevich also handles complex licensing scenarios involving transfers of ownership, numerous business locations, numerous company principals, complex organizations, and timing issues relating to these matters. Mr. Vestevich also counsels startup mortgage and finance companies with respect to business, corporate and licensing matters.

William P. Vestevich acts as an advisor to the National Conference of State Bank Examiners in the formation and refinement of the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. Mr. Vestevich also authors licensing-related articles for finance industry publications, and has spoken about licensing matters at finance industry conferences. He personally consults with over 9,000 mortgage and finance companies each year on licensing-related matters.

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