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Our Lawyers Assist with Servicer Licensing & Debt Collector Licensing

Assistance with Servicer Licensing

Loan servicing is one of the most complex areas of licensing. In many states, multiple licensing laws may apply to servicing activities. Depending on your business model, a mortgage banker license, mortgage servicer license, loan servicer license, consumer loan license, UCCC Notification and/or other forms of licenses may be required. Whether your company handles its own servicing, or holds servicing rights and utilizes a sub-servicer, Vestevich & Associates, P.C. helps its servicer clients by taking the confusion out of the servicer licensing process. Our law firm assists mortgage servicers, consumer and commercial loan servicers, and debt collectors with their state licensing matters in all 50 states.

Loan Licensing

Assistance with Debt Collection Licensing

States, and even some cities, have strict guidelines in place regarding debt collection agencies, requiring them to be licensed to perform collections activities within their jurisdictions. Should you have a question about debt collector licensing in the United States, contact Vestevich & Associates, P.C. to schedule a consultation. We’re experienced at providing debt collector licensing assistance for a multitude of clients, and we would welcome the opportunity to assist you and your collection agency in your debt collection licensing matters.

Nuances of Debt Collector Licensing

Debt collection licensing is a little different from other forms of finance licensing in that not only are state-level debt collector licenses required, but also some cities require debt collector licenses as well. Debt collector companies, principal collectors, and the individual debt collectors themselves are required to be licensed and/or registered. Vestevich & Associates, P.C. handles debt collector licensing in all 50 states, and can help your company with all of its debt collection licensing matters.

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