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FHA Licensing

FHA licensing

These days, there are a lot of lenders interested in becoming an FHA lender.  However, the HUD/FHA lender approval process is not well understood by most mortgage companies and, more importantly, most are not aware of the important qualification and operating issues facing FHA lenders.

FHA loans are popular with first time homeowners because they have lower down-payments and don’t require high credit scores. Being licensed to offer these kinds of loans can be a huge benefit to your mortgage company.   Unfortunately, most mortgage companies are not familiar with FHA licensing laws.  If you’re interested in taking advantage of this lending program and in growing your mortgage company in the process, you’ve found the right law firm.  Our experienced FHA licensing attorneys will assist your company in obtaining its FHA lender approval.

Below are just a few of the FHA licensing services we offer:

FHA licensing services

  • FHA Non-Supervised Mortgage
  • FHA Investing Mortgagee
  • FHA Direct Endorsement Lender
  • FHA Full Eagle
  • FHA Branch Offices
  • FHA Title I Lender
  • FHA Title II Lender
  • FHA Nationwide Direct Lending Program


Important note about FHA licensing approval times

Heightened nationwide interest in FHA lending has resulted in a substantial increase in FHA approval time frames. Because of this, it is more important than ever to start the application process as early as possible in order to avoid unnecessary delay in obtaining your FHA approval.

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Call Vestevich & Associates, P.C. today to learn more about how our law firm can assist your company in obtaining its FHA lender approval!

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